About Formingo

Formingo is a simple service that allows you to easily create forms for static HTML websites. Because no server side code is required, it makes a perfect companion to static website generators like Jekyll.

Why Formingo for Static Websites?

Static websites, such as those generated by Jekyll, can be really easy to host with services like GitHub Pages or Amazon S3. Not only is it easy to deploy static websites, but they are extremely performant and cost little to nothing to host.

The one problem is, static websites are completely client side and contain no server side code. Because of this, it’s not easy to add simple dynamic features like a contact form or email subscription form. Formingo allows you to embed these kinds of forms into your static website.

No Server-Side Coding Required

Though it can be easy to create a server side form that sends submissions to your email address, it requires maintenance, dynamic hosting such as a PHP webserver, and requires a developer with knowledge of the server side programming language.

Formingo requires no server-side coding knowledge and can be used by anyone with basic HTML experience, making it perfect for small businesses and individuals that don’t want to invest time or money into creating and maintaining a dynamic web server just for a contact form.

Completely Cutomized Design

An issue with a lot of HTML form processing services is their tendency to either use iFrames to embed the forms into your page, or redirect your visitor to another website altogether (like Google Forms does). This might be fine for complex, multi-stage forms, but the reality is a lot of people only need a simple contact form that looks integrated into their website.

Because Formingo is a plain, HTML form that resides in your website, you can use CSS to style the form however you'd like. With the advanced __redirect field, you can also keep the visitor entirely on your website, making Formingo completely transparent and invisible to your visitors.